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Labour protection

The WE Group is strictly committed to operating its production facilities in a way that minimizes all Health, Environmental and Safety (HES) risks to our employees and our environment.

Health of staff in factory is one of the most important assets in our company. We want to emphasize that we do as much as possible in order to guarantee a permanently healthy condition for our personnel. Initial examinations and regular check-ups are mandatory for all of our staff.

One pillar of the high health condition of our staff is safe working conditions. We ensure the safety of our employees by clear rules and guidelines. Regular fire drills, permanent training about operating procedures in addition to machinery usage and the provision of protective wear for work are just some of the measures we are undertaking to guarantee a safe workplace. We want this to be subject to regular audits by internal representatives in addition to the various government departments.

Please download the SA 8000/2014 Pdf document and the planning and commitment of SA 8000
Policy and commitment of SA 8000
SA 8000:2014 Standard Pdf

Environmental Protection

We understand that the world's resources are limited and that we have to protect the environment by any means. Therefore we have established strict policies in accordance with the Chinese environmental laws. We want to make sure that our company is a good local citizen. Especially gas exhaust, water pollution and noise pollution are limited to the absolute necessary. Our respect for nature is subject to internal audits by the management as well as external audits by ISO14001 assessors.

This HES policy is expected to be executed with highest possible accuracy, continuous improvement and through the involvement of each employee.